There is No increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds!

Vitamind D from UVBA new, credible, scientific study on 1101 test persons including 423 melanoma patients and 678 control persons clearly shows:

There is NO increased risk of getting melanoma when using modern sunbeds!

This is NOT an article which gives an individual's opinion - this is a controlled study which gives us FACTS and EVIDENCE

The researching team was led by Prof. Kerri M. Clough-Gorr of the University Medical Center and was executed in cooperation with other renowned institutes of the USA.

Even the frequent use of sunbeds does NOT increase the risk of skin cancer!

The scientists compared the effects of UV-lamps which have been used in the times before 1980 - so-called "sun radiators"- with sunbeds of the latest technology as in use after 1980 until today (mainly in Germany but in New Zealand too).

The risk of getting skin cancer through UV-devices is clearly reduced since the development of the up-to-date sunbeds. Modern sunbeds are designed under medical controls such as skin protection and other positive effects to the health.

To eliminate any risks physicists and dermatologists are compiling all important cognitions about the effects of UV rays. In this context it's important to bear in mind that it's the dose which determines the effects!

• Overdosing may cause harm - which is the very same for all things of indulgence!
• Used in the right dose modern sunbeds offer all advantages of natural sunlight.
• The results of the study are a positive message not only for tanning salon enthusiasts it also will have a lasting effect to the public opinion.
• No increase of skin cancer risk through modern sunbeds!

megaSun agrees with vit D orgDid you know......
*     That it's NOT possible to overdose vitamin D if it's generated in the skin by UV-light? But it is if taken as a supplement!
*     There is a natural depot created from which the body takes as much as it needs.
*     The rays of modern sunbed lamps stimulate the development of vitamin D in the same way as the natural sun does.
*     Many of the TV adverts for "avoiding sunbeds" are sponsored by sunscreen manufacturers!

(Sources: Study by Kerri M. Clough-Gorr et al., Exposure to sunlamps, tanning beds and melanoma risk, Cancer Causes and Control, 14. February 2008)

References: Editors: Bundesfachverband Sonnenlicht-Systeme e.V.; Förderverein Sonnenlicht-Systeme e.V.; Photomed Bundesfachverband Solarien und Besonnung e.V.; Akademie für Besonnung
Responsible for the content: Professor E.Wüst, Leiter Abt. Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit SUNTAN-NEWS May/June 08

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