MORE THAN HALF of the world don't get enough ‘D'

More vitamin D experts are starting to acknowledge the incredibly obvious: That worldwide vitamin D deficiency cannot be overcome with diet. Dr. Anthony Norman, a vitamin D expert from the University of California, told United Press International.

"It is clear that merely eating vitamin D-rich foods is not adequate to solve the problem for most adults," Norman said. "There is a wide consensus among scientists that the relative daily intake of vitamin D should be increased to 2,000 to 4,000 IU for most adults. Already, several studies have reported substantial reductions in incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer and type 1 diabetes in association with adequate intake of vitamin D, the positive effect generally occurring within five years of initiation of adequate vitamin D intake."

megasun beds UVB for vitamin D There is only one natural source for those levels of vitamin D: UVB exposure from sunshine. Sun avoidance in the past generation has led to 77 percent vitamin D deficiency in the United States. Norman says half of all people in the United States and Western Europe are vitamin D deficient and that two-thirds are insufficient. Vitamin D pioneer Dr. Robert Haney argues that the term "insufficient" is useless - that insufficiency is deficiency.

"In the July 2010 issue of Endocrine Today, a monthly newspaper about diabetes and endocrine disorders, Norman says there is irrefutable evidence that receptors in the immune, pancreas, heart-cardiovascular, muscle and brain systems in the body generate biological responses to the steroid hormone form of vitamin D," the UPI reported

Source: Smart Tan News September 28th 2010

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