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Vit D Optimal Levels
Vitamin D: A Sufficient Blood Level is Necessary for Optimal HealthVitamin D knowledge has undergone a fascinating evolution over the years. First, there was the general understanding that deficiency of this secosteroid hormone was the cause of the childhood disease known as rickets and later, it became known as the...More
Vit D Pharmacology
Pharmacology of oral vitamin dDifferent Forms of Vitamin DTo understand vitamin D pharmocology one needs to be familiar with the different forms of vitamin D, namely cholecalciferol, calcidiol, and calcitriol.Cholecalciferol - Vitamin D3Cholecalciferol is the naturally occurring form of vitamin D. It is the substance made in large quantities in...More
Vit D Research
D-Feat Breast Cancer With Vitamin D AwarenessWhy Natural Levels of The Sunshine Vitamin Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer. D-Feat Breast Cancer by learning more about Vitamin D and by having your vitamin D blood levels checked with a blood test!Vitamin D isn't really a vitamin - it is a prehormone your...More
Vit D Risk/Prevention
Vitamin D Deficiency Leaves Millions of Children and Adults at Risk of Numerous Diseases and Disorders  In a review article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D., one of the nation's leading experts on vitamin D, explores the nature of vitamin D deficiency and...More
Vit D Sun Essential
 Scientist's news brightens the dayA little more sunshine can help you live longer, says a study which suggests that, for some people, health benefits from the sun outweigh the risk of skin cancer.Sunlight spurs the body to produce vitamin D but fear of skin cancer is keeping many people in...More
Vit D Sunbeds Raise Levels
Solarium helps where other means fail .Increasingly, scientific studies and recommendations have pointed out that solariums could play an important role in the compensation of vitamin D deficits In a commentary in the international journal "Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology" a group of American and Asian researchers concluded that...More
Vit D Sunbeds vs pills
The solar bank (tanning Studio) succeeds where dietary supplements don't! In countries like Germany or Scandinavia, the natural force of the sun from October to March is not strong enough, to accumulate a satisfactory level of vitamin D in the body ". The stocks of vitamin D accumulated in the...More
Vital Research
News & Research:Low Levels Of Vitamin D Link To Cognitive Problems In Older People - Science Daily, 1/22/09 - "Researchers from the Peninsula Medical School, the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan, have for the first time identified a relationship between Vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin", and cognitive...More