Medical Light AssocThe Positive Effects of Sunlight and Human Physiology

Extract from the Medical Light Association

The revolutionary Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton was the first to conceive monotheism. He believed there was only one god, the sun. Akhenaton thought that the sun had a powerful connection to life and nurtured our health. The sun has been the inspiration of many cultures, it is the most important element of our evolution and survival, we cannot live without it. It seems that the powerful healing and antibacterial properties of sunlight have been forgotten. For thousands of years humans have led an agricultural economy, most of us working outdoors. Now over 80 percent of the workforce is indoors.

sun is powerFor millions of years humans lived and evolved outdoors. Sun exposure has received bad press, it has recently fallen out of favor, its healing powers being ignored or forgotten. In the beginning of the 20th century people were treated for a number of ailments with the sun. During world war one military surgeons used sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds. At the turn of the century Neils Finsen a Danish physician was successfully treating tuberculosis with ultraviolet light. During the early 1930s people were encouraged to sunbath as a public health measure. The sun was used as a disease preventative as well as a curative. Architects began to design sunlit buildings and hospitals integrating solar ideals. Hospitals developed with this intention installed special glass to allow maximum ultraviolet radiation through. With the development of antibiotics the medicinal and hygienic properties of sunlight were considered unimportant.

Sunlight is capable of killing bacteria even after passing through glass. There is evidence that patients in well sunlit wards recover faster than there counterparts in room with little or no natural light. Hospitals that are not well illuminated by the sun have an increased bacteria level, which has become the industry norm. Infections caught in hospitals are the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer and stroke. There is now a direct connection between sunlight and the reduction of the likeliness of fatal diseases and cancer. Daily exposure to natural sunlight seems to be a much bigger part of our health than any of has been led to believe. People seem to be preoccupied with the belief that solar radiation is bad. Most of the sun's harmful radiation is filtered out by the earth's atmosphere.

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