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Sunlight MIracle Cure
The great health debate: is sunshine a miracle cure?Our bodies make vitamin D when the sun shines, and new research suggests the positive effects on health are greater than we ever guessed. But too much sun causes skin cancer. It's a dilemma provoking fierce discussion among scientistsFor any expectant mother,...More
Sunlight Misguide Message
Scotland’s poor health ‘caused by a lack of sunshine’Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which is vital for good healthA national campaign to persuade every Scot to take daily supplements of vitamin D is needed if the country’s appalling health record is to be reversed, leading scientists believe. A...More
Sunlight Robbery
Wrongly Advised public and sunlight Robbery may have caused MANY deaths!Respected Professor and Vitamin D expert Oliver Gillie says: "Most but not all dermatologists maintain, I believe quite wrongly, that a tan is unhealthy. Sadly, Cancer Research UK has accepted this misguided advice uncritically and so has wrongly advised the...More
Sunlight The Best Medicine
Sunlight: THE BEST MEDICINE?The Jury Is InFor three years now, sunsmart campaigners have been appealing for calm and "more research" before making "hasty" decisions about the dangers of UV rays. But now two new scientific studies have confirmed one of medical science's worst fears - sunsafe campaigns could actually be...More
Sunlight Vital Role Studies
UV Light has many important roles - these are just a few:For eons, nature has used our sun's ultraviolet energy as a way to cleanse the earth. UV light has many practical uses, it seems as if many of its medical applications have been ignored, neglected or purposely pushed aside. With...More
Sunshine offers protection - even without vitamin D
Sunshine offers protection - even without vitamin DVital new research has come to light on just how imperative sunlight is for humans to have immune protection.......The effect of UV rays on the immune system is much more significant than the effects of the "sunshine vitamin". Veldhoven, 25 April 2012 (SRF)...More
UV Light Positive Effects
positive effects of uv light While indoor tanning is a cosmetic service, a well-known side effect of exposing the skin to ultraviolet (UV) light is the production of vitamin D. Emerging evidence suggests that there may be an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in North America. Research also suggests that vitamin...More
Widespread fear of UVB may have been causing more cancers!
Scientists claim: widespread fear for UV probably misplaced. We need More sunlight for less cancer!44 years of study proves we need more sunlgith not less:Veldhoven, 05.10.2012 (SRF) - A large body of evidence indicates that solar ultraviolet-B (UVB) irradiance and vitamin D reduce the risk of incidence and death for...More