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Hair Loss & Vitamin D
Role of Vitamin D in Hair LossWhen an individual is deficient in vitamin D there are numerous consequences on the body, many of which can lead to hair loss or thinning hair.A study from the Dermatology Online Journal discusses research on the role of vitamin D in hair disorders and...More
Health Benefits from Sunbeds
Tanning Beds DO Have Health Benefits Health Update: New evidence is showing that sun exposure is necessary in order to promote good health. After years of being warned about the perils of exposing skin to UV rays, the tanning industry is taking large steps to invest funds into research."Sun is crucial to your...More
How many people know about vitamin D?
How many people know about vitamin D?Ever wonder how many people know as much about vitamin D as you? Last summer, Professor Sandra Clips and colleagues from John Hopkins University wanted to know this, too, and published some interesting results.In 2007, they sent out a questionnaire to a group of...More
How much vitamin D do pre-teen girls need?
How much vitamin D do pre-teen girls need?(Reuters Health) - In the winter, pre-teen girls may need more vitamin D -- either from diet or supplements -- to have healthy bones, a new study says.The goal of the study was to figure out how much vitamin D girls aged 11...More
Humans are not addicted to UV exposure. We are ATTRACTED to it!
Report Confuses ‘Attraction' with ‘Addiction'Another research project is attempting to confuse humanity's natural and intended attraction to UV in sunlight and sunlamps with unnatural chemical addictions. The New York Times on Friday ran a story headlined, "How Tanning Changes the Brain" covering the latest project.The latest report: from the University...More
HyperparathyroidismLow levels of vitamin D can suppress calcium levels and therefore make the calcium test look normal even when a person has hyperparathyroidism. Low levels of vitamin D can damage the parathyroid in the first place and then suppress the results of this test.Secondary hyperparathyroidism  occurs when another medical condition causes...More
Hypertension Investigators note that mounting evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of hypertension. A recent study identified a possible mechanism by which vitamin D may support healthy blood pressure. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that analogs of vitamin D inhibit the expression of renin, a...More
IARC studiesface serious criticism from experts
Scientists surprised about the classification of UV radiation and solariums into cancer risk category one. Results of studies, on which the International Agency for Research on Cancer have based their decision, face serious criticism from experts.Veldhoven, 30th July 2009 (SRF) - Scientists and experts react with surprise to theInternational Agency...More