Indoor Tanning Tips

ITA Tanning

1. You MUST wear protective eyewear whilst indoor tanning. We offer the choice of megaSun Super Sunnies goggles that are sterilised after every client; or you may purchase your own Super Sunnies or WinkEase 100% see through disposable eyewear from our retail department.
2. If you are taking any medication, please let us know. Some medications have serious interactions with sunlight (photo-sensitising reaction) and may even be life threatening. Be safe and tell us what you are taking. It is better not to tan than cause serious health problems.
3. Drink plenty of water before and after tanning to prevent dehydration. Our studio provides cool and chilled water at all times.
4. Make sure you exfoliate your skin twice weekly when tanning. It is a myth that it is rubbing the tan off. Skin that is flaky, dry or shedding reflects UV light away from the skin and thus decreases your tan.
5. Don't be tempted to tan more than every 48 hours. Your body does not produce melanin more frequently than every 48 hours. You will not get a better tan by using beds more frequently and you will waste your money.
6. Start you tanning with short sessions regardless of your tanning ability. You will condition your skin to the UV light before the melanin comes to the surface of the skin. This will also prevent over exposure.
7. Increase session times slowly. As well as being more controlled, it will ensure a deeper more even tan than will not be patchy.
8. Always use a good quality tan accelerator that is appropriate for your skin type and tanning needs. Not all products are suitable for everyone. Ask our trained staff to help you choose the correct product.
9. Make sure you moisturise well every day - even on the days you are not tanning. Choose a product that has been created to ensure the life of your tan is extended.
10. Eat plenty of mineral rich foods when tanning, such as broccoli, spinach and carrots to enhance the tanning process.
11. Listen to the trained staff when they advise you of the most appropriate tanning times for your skin. The idea of indoor tanning is to be in a controlled environment without over exposing the skin. Do not be offended when staff refuse to put you on the sunbeds for longer than desired sessions. They only have your safety in mind.
12. Do not attempt to continue tan indoors or outdoors with skin that has been reddened by tanning - this is over exposed skin and needs to be treated with appropriate products and rest from tanning regimes.
13. Sunburn does not fade into a tan. If you are sunburnt, don't tan until you are completely healed up.
14. Ensure that fragrance is not worn when tanning. Perfumed products can cause red, irritated itchy rashes and sometimes hyperpigmentation (brown patches).
15. Do not wear make up on sunbeds. It may contain a sunblock which will prevent tanning or may possibly cause a skin reaction.
16. NEVER use outdoor lotions on a sunbed please. Not only are they not suitable for this purpose, but they ruin the bed acrylics; the oils and waxes cause permanent damage to the beds.
17. If you have a skin type 1, we regret will only allow access to the sunbeds on the provision of written medical authority.
18. Choose your tanning salon wisely !