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sunislife Proud to use Smart Tan for educating both management & staff at megaSun NZ. Our managers ALL have their prestigious, internationally recognised qualification, Master's of Smart Tanning megaSun New Zealand is proud to be an active member of The Indoor Tanning Association  this is the manufacturer of the highest quality, German sunbeds used by megaSun New Zealand  another great site for ascertaining the truth about the sun and tanning don't be mislead by inaccuracies and find out the facts for yourself one of the worlds leading not for profit knowlege banks on Vitamin D objective and balanced information about responsible tanning primarily a reasearch based centre for nutrition and sunlight The Medical Light Association (MLA) is dedicated to advancing awareness of the increasing use of Light Therapy in the areas of health and medicine. The primary goal of the UV Foundation is to fund research projects that will lead to a better understanding of the full scope of the biologic effects of ultraviolet light Dr Marc Sorenson is viewed as a leading world expert on sunlight & Vitamin D find out the truths and the myths about tanning