The UV Foundation is committed to funding educational efforts designed to increase the public awareness of the biologic effects of ultraviolet light.

About The Foundation

The UV Foundation, founded in March of 2004, is dedicated to exploring the positive effects of UV light and to increasing public awareness about those benefits. Already, the UVF has made a commitment of $150,000 over three years to Boston University, to continue the efforts of Dr. Michael Holick, a Vitamin D expert and author of the intriguing new book, The UV Advantage. In addition requests from various research centers, universities and hospitals, are being received and reviewed for possible participation/support by the Foundation. The Foundation has set a goal of raising $500,000 over the next year to further its mission.

Sunlight Nutrition & HealthMission

The primary goal of the UV Foundation is to fund research projects that will lead to a better understanding of the full scope of the biologic effects of ultraviolet light. Although the field of photobiology has existed for more than 100 years, research into areas such as vitamin D production and positive effects of ultraviolet light exposure is vastly under funded and little understood today. A better understanding of these areas will be in the best interest of the public health.

The second goal of the UV Foundation is to engage in efforts to increase public awareness about the effects of ultraviolet light. The publication of this data benefits the general public, the scientific community and those in position to influence the general public, state and federal legislators and regulators. We hope that these efforts will lead to a better public understanding of the calculus between benefits and risks of UV light, and will create a synergistic effect in the research community, fostering the impetus to conduct more research into this important field.

Some of the studies that have been funded (partially or completely) by UVF:

  • Indoor Tanning Exposure Schedule: FDA Pilot Study Flawed (Robert M. Sayre & John C. Dowdy )
  • Resurrection Of Vitamin D Deficiency And Rickets (M.F. Holick )
  • Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D (J. J. Cannell, R. Vieth, J.C. Umhau, M. F. Holick, W.B. Grant, S. Madronich, C.F. Garland, E. Giovannucci )
  • UV Radiation, Vitamin D And Human Health: An Unfolding Controversy  (W.B. Grant, C.F. Garland, M.F. Holick)
  • Comparisons Of Estimated Economic Burdens Due To Insufficient Solar Ultraviolet Irradiance And Vitamin D And Excel Solar UV Irradiance For The United States (William B. Grant, Cedric F. Garland And Michael F. Holick)
  • Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic And Health Consequences (Michael F. Holick)