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IARC data NOT NEW - they conducted only a systemic review ......

"Most (of the 2009 position) is based on the 2006 working group report and we do not have the gold standard, double-blind type of research to work with," Cogliano said.

When asked why tanning beds were made such a focus of this WHO/IARC position, Cogliano said: "It was our 100th year and we wanted to pick something that looked at the past and into the future. UV radiation and the sun is (from the) past, tanning beds (are linked to) the future."

The IARC research working group of international experts on skin cancer and UV radiation conducted only a "systemic review" of all literature and studies regarding UV radiation and skin cancer and sunbed use.

The working group's review looked at 23 previously published studies that investigated the association between indoor tanning and melanoma risk in fair-skinned populations.

But the studies included only fair-skinned people, who have been long proven to be more susceptible to melanoma. Cogliano said the use of fair-haired study subjects was natural since they are the ones who get the disease most often.

Data from 19 of the studies was then used to determine that the relative risk associated with use of indoor tanning facilities could be projected to be 14% higher compared to those who never use indoor tanning facilities, in the test subjects reviewed.

None of these was double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, as they simply looked back over other studies and tried as best they could to amalgamate all the results.

When the analysis was restricted to just 10 specially selected studies, the risk of developing melanoma was projected to be 17% higher for those who engage indoor tanning than for people who did not. "The evidence gathered on sunbed use and skin cancer so far is limited by problems with the characterization of exposure and the potential confounding effect of sun exposure," the group's report said.

I hope you will consider this information next time you write a story that grossly exaggerates the dangers of tanning bed use. And the way the media, and the authors of the report, mischaracterized and exaggerated the dangers of tanning beds is truly irresponsible and had been very damaging to thousands of small business owners. We will continue to promote moderate and responsible use of our products so that our customers have access to all the benefits that UV light provides.

With respect,

John Overstreet
Executive Director
Indoor Tanning Association

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