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Important Letter Regarding Fertility


Dear Dr. Cannell,

Vitamin D necessary for fertility I am writing to thank YOU for doing what is important work. I am an RN, BSN, work in the area of fertility in collaboration with an OB/GYN and others. I have studied the research on vitamin D for the past 2 years and came across your site. You can only imagine what treating vitamin D deficiency does for fertility. I see there are no large studies on this in existence anywhere. I have developed protocols based on current research. They are used by the OB/GYN I work with as well, and it's nothing short of amazing. (I guess we do not need a large study to prove what we are seeing, it is across the board success) Everyone of our women have conceived that previously had difficulty. One was infertile for 10 years, another for 3 years, and one had no cycles for three years, they all returned to full fertility within 6 weeks.

An understanding of the physiology and biochemistry of fertility disorders has led to the development of my protocols that include, Vit. D, diet and lifestyle. All key components. I watched too many women over the years with fertility disorders of every kind, go on to develop breast, uterine and ovarian cancers. What was the link? Well now we know and can do something about it.

Thank you for all your work and helping educate people on the need for vitamin D in all of this.

Thank you,

Darcy Hemstad, RN, BSN
Fertility Educator


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