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Lack of Sunshine Causing Serious Deficiencies of Vitamin D in YOUNG GIRLS


Vitamin D deficiencies, prevalent among young girls

Vitamin D deficiency among young people is widespread - with the known health consequences. Especially worrying is the vitamin deficit in young girls. The proportion of young people with a vitamin D deficiency in winter is more than twice as large as it is in summer.

These results confirmed a study from Northern Ireland earlier findings about the inadequate supply of the vital "sunshine vitamin" (25-hydroxyvitamin D,) particularly in young people. Of the 1015 investigated 12 or 15 young boys and girls had 36% reduction in vitamin D with levels of less than 50 nmol / l. (For most scientists today a value of 75 nmol /l is desirable .) In winter, this figure rose to 46%.

vit d prevention While the boys measured "only" 38% vitamin D deficiency in winter, it was found the girls significantly showed more than half (55%) measured a lack of "sunshine vitamin". In addition to the lack of sun, the study showed a very low vitamin D dietary cause of this result.

As with previous studies on the positive health effects of the sun in childhood and adolescence questions also arises from this data, on the balance between the necessary sun protection and health effects of the sun in children and adolescents. Total avoidance of the sun in children and young people can contribute to the problem rather than its solution.

Source: PubMed
Study: TR Hill et al. Vitamin D status and its determinants in adolescents from the Northern Ireland Young Hearts 2000 cohort. British Journal of Nutrition. 15th January 2008:1-7


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