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Supreme Court Justice states Sunshine is BEST Disinfectant


doctors make claims for cashInside the sunscreen and cosmetic industry’s secret campaign to scare you out of the sun.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. - Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis              

Scaring people out of the sun is big business for the sunscreen and cosmetics industry. In fact, companies like Coppertone and Neutrogena, among others, quietly funnel millions of dollars into dermatological front groups like the Skin Cancer Foundation medical academies like the American Academy of Dermatology to spread half-truths and hype about getting a tan.

So, before you blindly trust dermatologists and others’ abstinence-only advice regarding sunlight and tanning beds, you should know a few facts:

  • First, evidence linking getting a tan—either from the sun or from tanning beds—to melanoma is scant at best and demonstrably misleading at worst. The best science indicates that there is no connection between tanning and cancer, but that hasn’t stopped the sunscreen companies from using it to sell their products. In fact, some scientists think that sunscreen itself might even cause cancer. Read More
  • Second, the Skin Cancer Foundation is a blatant front group for the sunscreen and cosmetics industry. Read More
  • Third, the American Academy of Dermatology, which represents thousands of individual dermatologists, was recently rocked by a pay-for-play scandal for selling its “Seal of Recognition” to sunscreen companies for $10,000 a pop. Read More
  • Fourth, staying out of the sun is dangerous. Not only does UV hype and sun-abstinence lead to potentially dangerous vitamin D deficiency, but it also gives a false sense of security to those who heed the sunscare industry's advice. Read More


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