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Tanning beds-not supplements-increased vitamin D levels, new study shows


megaSun 5600Tanning beds-not supplements-increased vitamin D levels, new study shows

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Health web site reported this week that tanning beds are even more effective than previously believed at inducing vitamin D production - quoting new data collected by a Boston University research team published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.
Dr. Michael Holick - author of "The UV Advantage"
( - led the study.
"Vitamin D deficiency is common in both children and adults worldwide," Holick told Natural News. "Exposure to lamps that emit UVB radiation is an excellent source for producing vitamin D3 in the skin."
Holick's new data finds "that levels of vitamin D deficiency in 45 Boston residents increased steadily throughout the winter, from 49 percent in August to 67 percent in November, 74 percent in February and 78 percent in May," Natural News reported.
The participants in that study were all taking a 400 IU daily vitamin D supplement. According to Natural News, "To test the efficacy of tanning beds in fighting vitamin D deficiency, Holick and colleagues studied 15 people between the ages of 20 and 53. All participants had their blood vitamin D levels measured at the beginning of the study and then once per week for seven weeks. They each tanned in a commercial tanning bed three times per week.
After one week, vitamin D levels had increased by an average of 50 percent, and by five weeks they had increased by 150 percent from the starting point. Vitamin D levels did not increase for the next two weeks."


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