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UV Light needed to combat TB


Sunshine vitamin needed to combat tuberculosis

tuberculosisYou do not have to read Thomas Mann's "Magic Mountain" to know about one of the oldest applications of the sun as a remedy: When tuberculosis was the stay in the sun outdoors best at high altitude a century before there was a drug of choice. It was gradually acquainted with the study of the immune system and antibacterial effects of the "sunshine vitamin" D3. In a comprehensive review and meta-study, research results from the past years since 1980 summarising Australian researchers now come to the clear conclusion that "a low level of vitamin D in the blood serum is a serious increased risk to the tuberculosis."

This is Based on a statement that will be published simultaneously by a study with 375 African immigrants to Australia. 78 percent of subjects had a clear vitamin D deficiency. Dark pigmentation was clearly changed by circumstances of an immigration to a country whereby the UV radiation in the skin from the sun is not enough for correct levels of vitamin D3.

Participants with a vitamin D deficit are much more likely to suffer from tuberculosis. For the first time, this study looked not only the "open" tuberculosis but also the latent infection. In both cases showed the same connection with a vitamin D deficiency.

"Low vitamin D levels increased the risk of initial infection with mykobakterieller tuberculosis. And once infected increases the vitamin D deficiency the likelihood of an open TB, "said the study leader Dr. Katherine Gibney from the Royal Melbourne Hospital in an interview.
Sources: Reuters Health / PubMed

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