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Our  Product Ranges for INDOOR Tanning

megaSun are proud of the range of products used to look after the skin whilst tanning. Products used for indoor tanning are known as Solar Cosmetics. They consist of Tan Accelerators, Maximisers (boosters) and Tan Extenders.

Our products for both retail and salon use, are purchased directly from the manufacturers. Therefore we have regular, continuous supplies of new stock. We NEVER sell old or outdated products. While some tanning operators have to rely on whatever stock they can obtain from a supplier or warehouse, this does not happen at megaSun. We are the registered importers for all of our products, as well as numerous other lines such as sanitising and disinfection solutions; acrylic cleaning, and hot action remover ranges from Lucas - the renowned international, No1 supplier to medical facilities, studios, salons and spas. Accessory lines, including genuine megaSun parts and a full range of megaLine lamps (CPI® included), for sunbeds are purchased directly from KBL in Germany. 

Special Offers 

On occasions, megaSun do special offers that are specific to our Facebook or Twitter pages.
Please check these often to see what may be currently on offer.
Our Facebook page will direct you to the link for any specials that may be running.

Solana GroupSOLANA Tanning Range

Solana has been a leader and pioneer in the design of tanning products for 25 years in Canada. Their philosophy is to protect skin against the secondary effects of UV exposure such as premature aging and dehydration, without sacrificing the quality of tanning. Formulated by experienced cosmeticians, there is an appropriate product for all tanners and all skin types. The range is enhanced by a unique hydrating formula and natural components.

SOLANA has the solution to your tanning needs by grouping their products according to skin type and the four stages of tanning, making the selection an easy choice for all tanners! SOLANA ULTRA E+ is recommended for ALL skins after tanning and as an everyday moisturizer.

Fiji Blend Tanning Range

fiji blend groupFIJI BLEND has been offering quality combined with a keen understanding of the needs of tanners for over 20 years. All of their lotions offer outstanding skincare without compromising the tanning ability of the range.

All FIJI BLEND products include the powerful plant-based ingredient Moringa. This potent extract is naturally high in tyrosine and is loaded with calcium for cell energy to maximize tanning results. Above and beyond its many benefits to the tanning process, it will in the very near future become widely known as a viable answer to try and end the spread of waterborne illness. By using the seeds to purify water, we can help alleviate one of the leading causes of loss of life in developing countries.

Love Triangle Range

Love Trianglewhatever your erotic tanning desires may be, whether it's INDISCRETION, INFATUATION, MÉNA'GE or wanting to W.E.T. your skin with one of our sultry tanning formulas created by Fiji Blend. BARE it all! Pamper yourself and your tan and whatever you do... Don't be left out of the "LOVE TRIANGLE". Unleash your hidden tanning desires and allow this potent, anti-ageing, antioxidant range to bathe you in luxury and take you tan to a new deep, dark place.

 Skin Care While Tanning

ALL Tanners should exfoliate twice weekly as a minimum to keep any dry, dead or dying skin cell cleared away from the skin surface. Dead and dry cells reflect the UV light away form the skin and thus, they reduce any tanning potential, rather than encourage it.

Additionally, all tanners should moisturise once or twice daily even on the days they are not tanning to keep the skin soft, supple and as healthy as possible. This along with the exfoliation and the correct use of appropriate indoor tanning products, should encourage a maximum tan and keep skin from becoming dry and wrinkled.

Outdoor tanning products are NOT suitable for use on indoors tanning equipment. Not only can outdoor products damage equipment, they can cause harm to skin including burns when used inappropriately.